Romantic London

London, Nottinghill, Portobello Road

London can be a very romantic city, perhaps a place to escape for the weekend off from the kids or a place where you an propose to the girl of your dreams. You may think the city is not the perfect place for you, but you will be amazed at the fantastic opportunities that London offers.
Book yourself into a five star luxury hotel for the night, see if they offer a spa package to spoil your loved one and let them get some much needed pampering. Enjoy a five star English breakfast to start your day and then start enjoying the romantic sites which you may enjoy together during your stay.
Among the most romantic things to do in London would be to visit the London Eye. The London Eye sits alongside the famous River Thames and is a giant Ferris Wheel. Visiting the London Eye as the sun is about to set is probably the ideal time to enjoy a romantic evening together. Maybe take a bottle of champagne along with you and if you want proposing, now would be the time. The ride takes approximately thirty minutes with recorded guide, if you want to listen. You can enjoy some of the best views of the city, enjoying an eagles eye view. Stare out far beyond the eye can see and see the famous sites from a special angle.
Spend an afternoon wandering hand in hand along the famous Notting Hill’s Portobello Road market. This marketplace was made famous in the movie with the name”Notting Hill” starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. The market is a hive of activity with stalls selling a variety off goods from art to flowers. It’s a great opportunity to explore this site of London and do some souvenir or gift shopping for family back home. The sector is guaranteed to delight everyone and shouldn’t be missed.
Madam Tussauds Museum may not seem romantic, but it is a fun way to spend an afternoon together surrounded by life sized wax versions of your favourite celebrities and characters. Have your photograph taken with a super model or with one of the prime ministers or US presidents. Have a good laugh and create lasting memories together that you can look back on later on.
Hyde Park is an absolute must if you want a romantic day in London This huge open park is teeming with shaded trees where you can sit and enjoy a picnic on the grass or employ one of the rowing boats and make your way on the man-made lake where you can also pop the question or enjoy a relaxing glass of bubbly. Spend some time feeding the ducks or just enjoy a leisurely walk along one of the numerous paths you will see in the park during your stay.
If you truly want to impress then possibly make a booking through your hotel concierge for one of the numerous shows playing in West End. The West End theatres are renowned for their assortment of acts which occur thorough the year. The area is fondly named Theatreland and has many theatres to choose from, along with a host of productions from the opera to ballets and dramas to comedies. End your evening with a romantic meal at one of many top quality restaurants you can find in London or make your way back to your hotel and order in room service and relax in the comfort of your own room for the evening.

Ladder Safety

Girl Climbing Ladder Legs Ladder Ladder LaMost homeowners and do-it-yourselfers have and use a ladder with a frequency and all year round. House repairs, lawn maintenance, cleaning the gutter, a fresh coat of paint or alter that bulb, somebody is going to reach for the ladder. Ladders are really useful but can be very dangerous. Most ladders are covered with all these warnings and disclaimers which you can barely see the ladder itself.
Since a parachute or sky hook look out of the question, some simple safety precautions could make a large difference in surviving your chores. Inspect your ladder for loose screws, cracked steps, opossum control or old springs that are malfunctioning. Inspection and cleaning off mud or chemicals after every use should be a normal routine. Keeping the ladder in a secure place out of this weather can help prolong the life and performance of the ladder as well.
Many injuries occur due to improper set up and use of the ladder. Always place the ladder as close as possible to the work and on even firm ground or flooring. Be cautious to avoid soft or uneven ground and floors. As soon as you’re up the ladder the added weight can result in severe tilt and instability. Examine the footing and be sure the hinges are fully extended and locked before you begin the ladder. Stepping up one or two steps and checking for stability before proceeding could save you from skydiving! Do not use a ladder as a chair or extend beyond the normal warning areas. There are different ladders for specialized jobs. When you are on the ladder or moving the ladder itself, go slowly and cautiously. Prime time for accidents are moving material or tools when atop the ladder or transferring the ladder itself. Be aware of your surroundings and co-workers before making the move.
Never over achieve when on the ladder however inconvenient it may seem to get down and reposition the ladder closer to the job. Getting help to steady the ladder while climbing or working may be necessary. Don’t be shy or dashed about asking for help. A few thoughtful measures when using the ladder will keep your toes securely and firmly planted on the floor.

mmmm chocolate

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You see it every time you visit the supermarket, tidily wrapped in individual pubs or servings, and eat it at least once per week. It’s none besides chocolate, and it has a lengthy history–tracing back to about 1900 BC! It was the Mesoamerica culture that initially started using the beans as a food resource. These beans were so significant that they played significant roles in religious rituals. Afterwards, cacao beans found their way to Europe following the first explorers set foot in Central America. There, Europeans blended the processed beans with sugar and cream to produce the sweet, dessert-like flavor of the chocolate we know today.

Long appreciated as a centerpiece for sweets and desserts, chocolate still has a place in rituals. But these days the rituals surround meals and vacations as opposed to religious ones. Frequently used as a meal-ender, the sweet flavor chocolately desserts serve the use of well capping off every sort of meal, from multi-course fine dining foods to simple sandwiches in school lunches. The fact that chocolate is typically reserved for desserts makes it that much more desirable around special events, like vacations (in example, Halloween trick-or-treating).

White chocolate, which is a derivative of chocolate, can be common. It has a sweeter flavor than milk chocolate. Nuts, fruits, vegetables, and other candy types (for example, jellies, San Antonio Wildlife Removal or jams) are usually covered with chocolate. The chocolate not only acts as a preservative for all these products, but also makes for a superbly mixed flavor.

Since so many distinct varieties of chocolates and chocolate-coated candies (also called truffles) can be found, it’s not hard to present chocolate in the kind of chocolate candy boxes. These boxes include individually compartmentalized truffles and chocolate squares or nuggets. Due to the very long shelf life of chocolate, these boxes require quite some time to go rancid, and can readily be sent via the mail. Needless to say, an individual can also get a box of them for themselves to enjoy, too.

an apple a day keeps the doctor away

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Are you aware that by eating one portion of fruit and vegetables like an apple every day, you benefit from a twelve percent reduction in heart attack and Stroke risks? Scientists calculated the protection from one portion as equivalent to the reduction in vascular death from taking a Statin. The more portions of fruits and vegetables you eat –particularly apples, the greater protection against deaths from heart, stroke or cancer!

Actually, crisp, crispy and refreshing apples, have such remarkable health benefits… the likes of dental issues to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and possibly Alzheimer’s. Three servings of apple juice or eating a whole fruit daily, would reduce diabetes to seven per cent as reported.

Listed below are the various health benefits you obtain by consuming apples:

Cardiovascular disease protection – An apple soaked with orange juice lowers cardiovascular risk. Eating it helps to increase hypertension, lipid levels and antioxidant defences.

Lowers risk of Stroke – The risk of Stroke could be reduced when you eat medium or large apples.

For healthy, white teeth – They’re known as’Nature’s toothbrushes” as they aid to cleanse and brighten your teeth. In addition to stimulating the gums and removing debris, the somewhat acidic flavour can help to increase saliva flow–to rinse plague away. Hence, they help preventing tooth loss and progression of gum disease. Natural chemicals found in apple skins, can trigger the death of cancer cells.

Keep you slim – By eating three apples a day, assuredly you can lose weight, as they are loaded with fiber and water to keep you slim.

Helps to ward off heart attack – Versus people who don’t eat them, people who do everyday–are not as likely to die of heart attack as reported by a Scientific review.

Protection against Alzheimer’s disease – Maybe they could cut down age-related cognitive and memory impairment. Apparently, apples protect against brain changes and damage associated with Alzheimer’s.
You have got to consume it, to Know it! So, why don’t you consume more Apples per day to be able to maintain –Not only your doctor, but also your ailments Away? Apples aren’t only affordable, but healthy and good!

Wintertime Ice Cream

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In January, when my husband had been eating an overfilled cone, no fewer than three people stopped to ask him where he’d found it. This post is an effort to assist those dedicated souls that are looking for this creamy treat in the cold season. Allow me to outline the principles that I will follow: first, these areas are in Manhattan and all on the West Side. Secondly, I will deal only with the authentic thing-frozen yoghurt, soft serve, sherbet and ices have their place, but I am restricting myself to the hard core-the complete fat-the authentic ice cream.

Several years back, when I was a refugee in the west shore, I heard that Baskin Robbins was finally coming to New York. We mounted an intrepid group of ice cream eaters and motored around Bronxville to locate it. Yes, the 31 flavors were there including our beloved Rocky Road, its famous flavor since 1945. B&R has kept its high quality and mostly fantastic flavors (does anybody actually want bubblegum?) And deserves to be known for its pioneering spirit. Proceed to the web to discover a location near you. Westsiders, please notice 606 Tenth Avenue and 1342 Amsterdam.

Frankly, I am in this mostly because of the mix-ins–the ice cream is only a delivery system and is OK for people who like quantity over quality.

Haagen Dazs is now represented on the West Side largely by pints at Duane Reade stores (not bad if you are in need) but the new stuff may nevertheless be located on the Upper West Side in 2905 Broadway @ 113 St. I could almost have to compare their hot fudge with the legendary Will Wright’s. Growing up in Los Angeles, we would go to Will Wright’s and purchase one scoop of this chocolate burnt almond ice cream (whole toasted almonds inside and on top) with fresh whipped cream and the best hot fudge in the world. You couldn’t eat another scoop. When Will retired, he didn’t sell his shops-he shut them down. No one who understood them has ceased to mourn for them. However, Haagen Dazs has a fairly good substitute. I believe HD’s natural flavorings are the very best and it has the distinction of an additional high fat content. Yum.

And today, Emack and Bolio’s. This tiny shop on Amsterdam just below 79th Street does a rollicking company even in winter from its little storefront. We had a terrific banana ice cream reminiscent of Howard Johnson’s very nice version-maybe better-we have to do more research to make up our minds.

Family farms, solar energy, global warming, oil-drilling in ANWAR, Fair Traded vanilla and coffee, a children’s playground in Gabon and needless to say, humane farming-they never cease. Named for favorite actors or problems, Cherry Garcia, Cow Power, Chunky Monkey and Hubby Hubby are full of very big chocolate balls, nuts, fruits and marshmallows. Some purists may say-too much-I say, bring it on.

What Is ALS?

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS for short and also widely called Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is disease that leads to the death of nerves throughout the body that control voluntary muscles. Although ALS may start small, eventually the patient will have difficulty speaking, swallowing and ultimately, breathing.

Between 5 and 10 percent of ALS cases are due to heredity. If a parent has the disease, the offspring are 50% more likely to get it as well as a result of heredity element. All other cases are due to other factors, and researchers are busy trying to pinpoint exactly what causes this disease to occur.

Risk factors that were found out already include age as most cases start to occur between the ages of 40-60, and sex, because slightly more women than men will have ALS before age 65 (after age 70, sex doesn’t factor into the issue as it becomes more balanced between men and women). Environmental factors like smoking, exposure to environmental toxins and support in the military are also being studied. It’s not clear why more specialists get ALS than those who have completed no military service, but researchers are looking into continual exertion, exposure to metals and compounds and traumatic injuries as other elements that contribute to ALS.

What exactly causes amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to attack an otherwise healthy person? It might be a gene mutation, it could be a chemical imbalance like having too much glutimate that has been proven to be toxic to cells, it could be a disorganized immune response or it could be a protein mishandling issue. This is where research is going at the moment in an attempt to narrow down how a person become affected and what we can do to prevent this terrible disease.

Some early signs of ALS include difficulty walking, falling, tripping, hand fatigue, clumsiness, slurred speech, trouble swallowing and muscular cramps. Sadly, those who have ALS have between two and four years earlier it will claim them, although 10% of patients do live ten years past diagnosis. Most people who have ALS die from respiratory failure and a few will acquire dementia close to the end as well. This is a horrible disease, one that has no cure, but one in which groups of researchers are attempting to understand.

Key Lime Deliciousness

Close-Up Photography of Sliced Lime

Key West Florida is known for two things: the Ernest Hemingway home (with its 6 toed cats) and Key lime pie, named after limes which increase in the Florida keys. Key limes are smaller, more sour and salty than the common limes we purchase yearlong in grocery shops and grown abundantly in different areas of Florida and California. Key lime juice, unlike regular lime juice, is light yellow, which, together with the egg yolk, produces the filling’s pale shade.

Appearing in the early 20th century the specific origins are unknown, but the earliest recorded mention of Key lime pie might have been produced by William Curry, a boat salvager and Key West’s first millionaire. Supposedly his cook,”Aunt Sally”, made the dish to get him. It appears his crews of sponge fishermen at sea didn’t have access to ovens but the first version allowed the creamy pie to be ready without baking. Early writings say that Aunt Sally’s variation called for a graham cracker crust and gently whipped cream.

Many cooks and bakers in Florida assert their recipe is the sole authentic version. Key limes (also known as Mexican or West Indian limes) are the most frequent lime found across the world; the U.S. is the exclusion in preferring the larger Persian lime.

Both controversial versions center around crust and topping. Early pies probably did not even have a crust, but sailors vacillate between traditional pie crust and graham cracker. And then there’s the topping. (Apparently these people have a whole lot of time on their hands) Contrary to popular belief, what makes the filling creamy isn’t cream whatsoever but sweetened condensed milk that’s thicker than evaporated milk and comes in a can, initially introduced by the Borden Dairy firm in the late 1800s. It is possible that when the sponge divers had anything to do with the dish, they really had lots of canned eggs, milk and Key limes on board (and a good deal of sponges for cleanup ).

Although grown for centuries in Asian and South America, they did not make an appearance in the U.S. before the late 1800s. (How he would have loved these pies!)

If you go to Key West, pie factories and bakeries abound, and you can literally eat your way from one end to another, reveling in the various offerings and deciding for yourself which you like best. Additionally, there are stores which sell dozens of products improved with Key lime, like moisturizers, potpourri, candles, soaps, candies and biscuits. Unfortunately for much of America, procuring authentic important limes isn’t always simple, and using regular limes simply won’t do. Oh sure, you can purchase bottled juice that the locals would frown on, but for some it is much better than nothing.

Beginning in 2013, the yearly Key Lime Festival is held over the July 4th weekend for a celebration of their favourite citrus not just as pie but in different foods, beverages, and a valuable portion of their. Certainly these aficionados take their pie quite seriously and expect no less from anyone else. And incidentally, don’t even consider using frozen topping. The whipped cream authorities will find you and have you arrested.

Raising Crickets, Easy Cost Effective Way To Feed Your Pets

Crickets are among the most popular foods to your reptiles and amphibian pets. They move around really fast and catch your pet’s attention. Crickets are extremely nutritious and you can provide your pets with as many as they could consume.

Adult crickets grow to around one inch in length. Male crickets are smaller than the females and can be seen easily in a colony since they are the ones making the noise. You can inform the female crickets by their ovipositor i.e. a long needle like structure that’s used to lay eggs.

I have raised crickets a number of times and found out these basic tips that will allow you to grow your own.

· Crickets need warmth.

· Crickets need water and food.

· Crickets need somewhere to lay eggs.

The first thing you need is a container to store and strain your crickets; this is a plastic storage container with a snap on lid. Use up some ground corn cobs as a substrate for your habitat and put about an inch of the in your container.

Place your container in a warm area; you might need to provide something to warm them.

Make your own watering dish this may be as simple as a plastic lid from a peanut butter jar, cut a sponge to fit inside the lid and soak it with water. You will need to add some water every day or two.

Crickets need protein to eat, I would feed my crickets cheap dog food, corn meal and oat meal. Your crickets will also require some fruits and veggies you can chop up some apples, carrots, celery, Animal Removal, lettuce, and even potatoes for them to eat. Keep citrus from your crickets.

Set up some egg laying containers for their own habitat, use some foam egg crates not the paper ones; fill a few egg holes with sand at least 1 inch deep. Place these in the habitat where you can get to them and keep them moist. Place some other egg cartons in the container for the crickets to hide under and to explore.

Give them a few weeks to deposit their eggs and remember to keep the sand moist. Make sure that the babies can get some water and food by burying your dishes degree with the substrate.

When the babies hatch they’ll be just a miniature version of the adults. They will shed their skins a couple of times and sometimes you might even find a white one or two and this is normal.

Keep some crickets of different ages in separate containers and you should not run out of fresh crickets for your pets.

Truths about Honey Bees

Hollywood has never been known to produce factually correct films, from historical events to the intricacies of animal connections. Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie, Bee Removal Orlando is a case in point. He joins the”pollen jocks” – the male bees who leave the hive to collect pollen, which the male and female bees from the hive, in their dull jobs, turn into honey.

Real life is quite different. It’s the female bees which leave the hive looking for pollen, the men who remain as drones to do the work of the hive. The storyline of Bee Movie could have been so much better if this small fact had not been obscured, but that’s a topic for another article.

Let’s return to the truth about bees. Bees produce honey, which has long been considered nature’s perfect food, and bee pollen honey and products based products have become increasingly popular with today’s consumer.

Bee pollen products

Bees (female ones) leave the hive to find pollen from a number of flowers. When they return, the worker bees (males) take the pollen and pack it into granules, including honey (otherwise known as nectar), which is used as food by the hive. Humans harvest this bee pollen, otherwise referred to as bee bread or ambrosia.

What is intriguing about bee pollen is that no two batches are alike. The”pollen jockettes” (if I may so term them) bring back pollen from many diverse sources, and this alters the composition of the pollen.

So, what do bee pollen products do humans make?

Bath and body products enriched with bee pollen are extremely popular today. They include products for moisturizing, for exfoliation and even shampoo.

Honey based goods

Honey has long been considered as nature’s perfect food. Indeed, people have been eating honey since practically the beginning of time – it’s mentioned in the Bible.

Today, individuals consume honey as a condiment on bread, on ice cream, or even by itself. It’s also used as a sweetener in honey barbecue, and honey mustard is very popular.

All bees produce honey, but only the honey produced by honey bees is edible by humans. Bees create honey with a procedure I will not go into here (well, if you must know, they change nectar (pollen) into honey by regurgitating it), but it is then saved in honeycombs as part of their food supply.

Honey based products include honey, of course, and even mead. Some of today’s beers also use it as a flavoring ingredient. It is also used to make aromatic candles.

Lots of individuals find bees annoying and will kill them on sight, which is a shame because all bees perform an important service for humanity. Because they move from flower to flower collecting pollen, they also deposit pollen on these flowers,”pollinating” them, and insuring that flowers themselves survive!

So treat bees nicely!

Why Tarantuls make good pets

Keeping a tarantula for a pet certainly is not for everyone, but some species will make surprisingly good pets. The most popular kind is the Rose Hair Tarantula, also called the Chilean Rose Tarantula. This is mostly because they are attractive, docile and easier to care for than most of the more run of the mill pets out there – looking after them is very straightforward compared to dogs or cats for example.

If you’ve never had an exotic pet before, a Rose Hair Tarantula would be an exceptional choice. This is not only due to the aspects mentioned previously, but also due to the wealth of accessible information about them in books, online and elsewhere. They strike a good balance between being unusual enough to be different but being retained by enough people to make them cheap, easily available and well researched.

1 natural concern about caring for a pet arachnid is the potential danger involved. This species is more inclined to run away from a threat than to behave defensively, and will only very rarely bite. If they do sting, the quantity of venom injected is very small and it is not especially potent, so this isn’t serious unless you’re allergic.

As these creatures come from the hills and scrubland of South America (Bolivia, Chile and Argentina to be specific), they need to be kept in a warm environment and they may be kept in relatively low humidity. Catering for all these requirements is simple – a simple heating pad may control the temperature simply and effectively, and allowing the water dish to overflow a few times a week should provide adequate humidity.

A 10 gallon terrarium should definitely be large enough, and they’re frequently kept in smaller tanks as well. Many Rose Hairs will use burrows in the wild, and therefore a simple little shelter should be provided to keep your pet happy – even a coconut shell or flower pot will do well.

They do not have regular feeding schedules, and can even be fed only once a fortnight and then left alone, as they’ll naturally gorge themselves when they have the chance in the event of a famine to come.

The decision to obtain a Chilean Rose Tarantula shouldn’t be dismissed, as some will live for twenty years or longer, but rest assured that they are easy to look after and are extremely unlikely to cause you some problems. They are also a brilliant talking point, and will be the perfect arachnid for your initial exotic pet.