Raising Crickets, Easy Cost Effective Way To Feed Your Pets

Crickets are among the most popular foods to your reptiles and amphibian pets. They move around really fast and catch your pet’s attention. Crickets are extremely nutritious and you can provide your pets with as many as they could consume.

Adult crickets grow to around one inch in length. Male crickets are smaller than the females and can be seen easily in a colony since they are the ones making the noise. You can inform the female crickets by their ovipositor i.e. a long needle like structure that’s used to lay eggs.

I have raised crickets a number of times and found out these basic tips that will allow you to grow your own.

· Crickets need warmth.

· Crickets need water and food.

· Crickets need somewhere to lay eggs.

The first thing you need is a container to store and strain your crickets; this is a plastic storage container with a snap on lid. Use up some ground corn cobs as a substrate for your habitat and put about an inch of the in your container.

Place your container in a warm area; you might need to provide something to warm them.

Make your own watering dish this may be as simple as a plastic lid from a peanut butter jar, cut a sponge to fit inside the lid and soak it with water. You will need to add some water every day or two.

Crickets need protein to eat, I would feed my crickets cheap dog food, corn meal and oat meal. Your crickets will also require some fruits and veggies you can chop up some apples, carrots, celery, Skunk Removal Austin, lettuce, and even potatoes for them to eat. Keep citrus from your crickets.

Set up some egg laying containers for their own habitat, use some foam egg crates not the paper ones; fill a few egg holes with sand at least 1 inch deep. Place these in the habitat where you can get to them and keep them moist. Place some other egg cartons in the container for the crickets to hide under and to explore.

Give them a few weeks to deposit their eggs and remember to keep the sand moist. Make sure that the babies can get some water and food by burying your dishes degree with the substrate.

When the babies hatch they’ll be just a miniature version of the adults. They will shed their skins a couple of times and sometimes you might even find a white one or two and this is normal.

Keep some crickets of different ages in separate containers and you should not run out of fresh crickets for your pets.

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