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You see it every time you visit the supermarket, tidily wrapped in individual pubs or servings, and eat it at least once per week. It’s none besides chocolate, and it has a lengthy history–tracing back to about 1900 BC! It was the Mesoamerica culture that initially started using the beans as a food resource. These beans were so significant that they played significant roles in religious rituals. Afterwards, cacao beans found their way to Europe following the first explorers set foot in Central America. There, Europeans blended the processed beans with sugar and cream to produce the sweet, dessert-like flavor of the chocolate we know today.

Long appreciated as a centerpiece for sweets and desserts, chocolate still has a place in rituals. But these days the rituals surround meals and vacations as opposed to religious ones. Frequently used as a meal-ender, the sweet flavor chocolately desserts serve the use of well capping off every sort of meal, from multi-course fine dining foods to simple sandwiches in school lunches. The fact that chocolate is typically reserved for desserts makes it that much more desirable around special events, like vacations (in example, Halloween trick-or-treating).

White chocolate, which is a derivative of chocolate, can be common. It has a sweeter flavor than milk chocolate. Nuts, fruits, vegetables, and other candy types (for example, jellies, San Antonio Wildlife Removal or jams) are usually covered with chocolate. The chocolate not only acts as a preservative for all these products, but also makes for a superbly mixed flavor.

Since so many distinct varieties of chocolates and chocolate-coated candies (also called truffles) can be found, it’s not hard to present chocolate in the kind of chocolate candy boxes. These boxes include individually compartmentalized truffles and chocolate squares or nuggets. Due to the very long shelf life of chocolate, these boxes require quite some time to go rancid, and can readily be sent via the mail. Needless to say, an individual can also get a box of them for themselves to enjoy, too.

an apple a day keeps the doctor away

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Are you aware that by eating one portion of fruit and vegetables like an apple every day, you benefit from a twelve percent reduction in heart attack and Stroke risks? Scientists calculated the protection from one portion as equivalent to the reduction in vascular death from taking a Statin. The more portions of fruits and vegetables you eat –particularly apples, the greater protection against deaths from heart, stroke or cancer!

Actually, crisp, crispy and refreshing apples, have such remarkable health benefits… the likes of dental issues to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and possibly Alzheimer’s. Three servings of apple juice or eating a whole fruit daily, would reduce diabetes to seven per cent as reported.

Listed below are the various health benefits you obtain by consuming apples:

Cardiovascular disease protection – An apple soaked with orange juice lowers cardiovascular risk. Eating it helps to increase hypertension, lipid levels and antioxidant defences.

Lowers risk of Stroke – The risk of Stroke could be reduced when you eat medium or large apples.

For healthy, white teeth – They’re known as’Nature’s toothbrushes” as they aid to cleanse and brighten your teeth. In addition to stimulating the gums and removing debris, the somewhat acidic flavour can help to increase saliva flow–to rinse plague away. Hence, they help preventing tooth loss and progression of gum disease. Natural chemicals found in apple skins, can trigger the death of cancer cells.

Keep you slim – By eating three apples a day, assuredly you can lose weight, as they are loaded with fiber and water to keep you slim.

Helps to ward off heart attack – Versus people who don’t eat them, people who do everyday–are not as likely to die of heart attack as reported by a Scientific review.

Protection against Alzheimer’s disease – Maybe they could cut down age-related cognitive and memory impairment. Apparently, apples protect against brain changes and damage associated with Alzheimer’s.
You have got to consume it, to Know it! So, why don’t you consume more Apples per day to be able to maintain –Not only your doctor, but also your ailments Away? Apples aren’t only affordable, but healthy and good! For more check out Skunk Removal Round Rock

Wintertime Ice Cream

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In January, when my husband had been eating an overfilled cone, no fewer than three people stopped to ask him where he’d found it. This post is an effort to assist those dedicated souls that are looking for this creamy treat in the cold season. Allow me to outline the principles that I will follow: first, these areas are in Manhattan and all on the West Side. Secondly, I will deal only with the authentic thing-frozen yoghurt, soft serve, sherbet and ices have their place, but I am restricting myself to the hard core-the complete fat-the authentic ice cream.

Several years back, when I was a refugee in the west shore, I heard that Baskin Robbins was finally coming to New York. We mounted an intrepid group of ice cream eaters and motored around Bronxville to locate it. Yes, the 31 flavors were there including our beloved Rocky Road, its famous flavor since 1945. B&R has kept its high quality and mostly fantastic flavors (does anybody actually want bubblegum?) And deserves to be known for its pioneering spirit. Proceed to the web to discover a location near you. Westsiders, please notice 606 Tenth Avenue and 1342 Amsterdam.

Frankly, I am in this mostly because of the mix-ins–the ice cream is only a delivery system and is OK for people who like quantity over quality.

Haagen Dazs is now represented on the West Side largely by pints at Duane Reade stores (not bad if you are in need) but the new stuff may nevertheless be located on the Upper West Side in 2905 Broadway @ 113 St. I could almost have to compare their hot fudge with the legendary Will Wright’s. Growing up in Los Angeles, we would go to Will Wright’s and purchase one scoop of this chocolate burnt almond ice cream (whole toasted almonds inside and on top) with fresh whipped cream and the best hot fudge in the world. You couldn’t eat another scoop. When Will retired, he didn’t sell his shops-he shut them down. No one who understood them has ceased to mourn for them. However, Haagen Dazs has a fairly good substitute. I believe HD’s natural flavorings are the very best and it has the distinction of an additional high fat content. Yum.

And today, Emack and Bolio’s. This tiny shop on Amsterdam just below 79th Street does a rollicking company even in winter from its little storefront. We had a terrific banana ice cream reminiscent of Howard Johnson’s very nice version-maybe better-we have to do more research to make up our minds.

Family farms, solar energy, global warming, oil-drilling in ANWAR, Fair Traded vanilla and coffee, a children’s playground in Gabon and needless to say, humane farming-they never cease. Named for favorite actors or problems, Cherry Garcia, Cow Power, Chunky Monkey and Hubby Hubby are full of very big chocolate balls, nuts, fruits and marshmallows. Some purists may say-too much-I say, bring it on.

What Is ALS?

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS for short and also widely called Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is disease that leads to the death of nerves throughout the body that control voluntary muscles. Although ALS may start small, eventually the patient will have difficulty speaking, swallowing and ultimately, breathing.

Between 5 and 10 percent of ALS cases are due to heredity. If a parent has the disease, the offspring are 50% more likely to get it as well as a result of heredity element. All other cases are due to other factors, and researchers are busy trying to pinpoint exactly what causes this disease to occur.

Risk factors that were found out already include age as most cases start to occur between the ages of 40-60, and sex, because slightly more women than men will have ALS before age 65 (after age 70, sex doesn’t factor into the issue as it becomes more balanced between men and women). Environmental factors like smoking, exposure to environmental toxins and support in the military are also being studied. It’s not clear why more specialists get ALS than those who have completed no military service, but researchers are looking into continual exertion, exposure to metals and compounds and traumatic injuries as other elements that contribute to ALS.

What exactly causes amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to attack an otherwise healthy person? It might be a gene mutation, it could be a chemical imbalance like having too much glutimate that has been proven to be toxic to cells, it could be a disorganized immune response or it could be a protein mishandling issue. This is where research is going at the moment in an attempt to narrow down how a person become affected and what we can do to prevent this terrible disease.

Some early signs of ALS include difficulty walking, falling, tripping, hand fatigue, clumsiness, slurred speech, trouble swallowing and muscular cramps. Sadly, those who have ALS have between two and four years earlier it will claim them, although 10% of patients do live ten years past diagnosis. Most people who have ALS die from respiratory failure and a few will acquire dementia close to the end as well. This is a horrible disease, one that has no cure, but one in which groups of researchers are attempting to understand.