Wintertime Ice Cream

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In January, when my husband had been eating an overfilled cone, no fewer than three people stopped to ask him where he’d found it. This post is an effort to assist those dedicated souls that are looking for this creamy treat in the cold season. Allow me to outline the principles that I will follow: first, these areas are in Manhattan and all on the West Side. Secondly, I will deal only with the authentic thing-frozen yoghurt, soft serve, sherbet and ices have their place, but I am restricting myself to the hard core-the complete fat-the authentic ice cream.

Several years back, when I was a refugee in the west shore, I heard that Baskin Robbins was finally coming to New York. We mounted an intrepid group of ice cream eaters and motored around Bronxville to locate it. Yes, the 31 flavors were there including our beloved Rocky Road, its famous flavor since 1945. B&R has kept its high quality and mostly fantastic flavors (does anybody actually want bubblegum?) And deserves to be known for its pioneering spirit. Proceed to the web to discover a location near you. Westsiders, please notice 606 Tenth Avenue and 1342 Amsterdam.

Frankly, I am in this mostly because of the mix-ins–the ice cream is only a delivery system and is OK for people who like quantity over quality.

Haagen Dazs is now represented on the West Side largely by pints at Duane Reade stores (not bad if you are in need) but the new stuff may nevertheless be located on the Upper West Side in 2905 Broadway @ 113 St. I could almost have to compare their hot fudge with the legendary Will Wright’s. Growing up in Los Angeles, we would go to Will Wright’s and purchase one scoop of this chocolate burnt almond ice cream (whole toasted almonds inside and on top) with fresh whipped cream and the best hot fudge in the world. You couldn’t eat another scoop. When Will retired, he didn’t sell his shops-he shut them down. No one who understood them has ceased to mourn for them. However, Haagen Dazs has a fairly good substitute. I believe HD’s natural flavorings are the very best and it has the distinction of an additional high fat content. Yum.

And today, Emack and Bolio’s. This tiny shop on Amsterdam just below 79th Street does a rollicking company even in winter from its little storefront. We had a terrific banana ice cream reminiscent of Howard Johnson’s very nice version-maybe better-we have to do more research to make up our minds.

Family farms, solar energy, global warming, oil-drilling in ANWAR, Fair Traded vanilla and coffee, a children’s playground in Gabon and needless to say, humane farming-they never cease. Named for favorite actors or problems, Cherry Garcia, Cow Power, Chunky Monkey and Hubby Hubby are full of very big chocolate balls, nuts, fruits and marshmallows. Some purists may say-too much-I say, bring it on.

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